Each team is limited to eighteen (18) players whose baseball age is ten (10) or under.

A player may not be less than eight (8).


a) The bases shall be sixty-five (65) feet apart.

b) The front of the pitcher’s plate shall be forty-six (46) feet from the point of home base.

c) The distance to second from the point of home base is 91′ 11″.


A regulation game is six (6) innings, unless lengthened by a tie score or shortened because the umpire calls the game. The time limit is one hour fifty minutes.

If there is a difference in the score of ten or more runs after one hour thirty minutes the official scorer is authorized to call the game when the inning in progress has been completed to a point at which the ten run difference could not be reduced.

If a game is called for any reason other than the ten run mercy rule or the time limit, it is a complete game if the losing team has completed its turn at bat in the fourth inning.


a) A player shall not pitch on three consecutive calendar dates. (A game will be considered as having been played entirely on the date on which it began.)

b) If a player pitches on two (2) consecutive days or in both games of a double header, he shall not pitch more than a total of six (6) innings.

c) A player may not pitch more than nine (9) innings in any single game or in any one calendar week, which begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

d) If a pitcher is replaced on the mound by another pitcher, he may not return to the mound in that game.

e) If a violation of the pitching rule is brought to the attention of the Commissioners as evidence by the official score-sheet, the player involved will be considered as an ineligible player and the game will be forfeited. No violation will be considered as having occurred if a pitching limit is exceeded only as a result of a double-play or triple-play. (No violation will be considered after league trophies are presented.)


Metal spikes or cleats are forbidden