Texas/AABC Connie Mack Dallas State Tournament (Continued)

Welcome to the Texas/AABC Dallas State Tournament for the Connie Mack Division.

All games will be played at Jesuit Prep School 12345 Inwood Dallas Texas. See map on web site.

Teams need submit their application now under tournament application and mail a check to Boys Baseball.

Proof of Insurance naming Texas/AABC as an additional insured
Intent agreement.

Teams will be checked in at Jesuit at least two hours before their first game. Bring to that meeting:


Bureau of Vital Statistics birth certificates for all players including drafted players.

Scorebooks for proof that teams played at least nine league games and all players incuding drafted players played in at least 3 league games.
Gate Charges.

per day with children under 12 free. Tournament passes will be.
Each team will receive 3 coaches passes at check in.

Water is furnished but teams need to bring cups.
Host Hotel
Harvey Hotel


Tournament rules are posted on this web site.

Will be in limited supply.
An order form is located on this web site.


The Organization

What is B.B.I.?

Texas amateur Baseball Congress does business as Boys Baseball, Inc. or B.B.I. and is a state chartered nonprofit organization that provides one of the finest baseball programs in the country.

What is the origin of B.B.I.?

B.B.I. was started in 1950 as Boys Baseball, Inc. of Dallas with the support of the East Dallas Lions Club. B.B.I. is also known as Texas Amateur Baseball Congress, T.A.B.C. and Boys Baseball, Inc.

What is the purpose of B.B.I.?

B.B.I.’s goal is to provide a healthful, wholesome recreation program that teaches boys of all ages good sportsmanship, self-discipline, respect for others, and determination through the spirit of friendly competition.

Has B.B.I. been successful?

Yes! With the help of thousands of parents,coaches,sponsors, and friends, B.B.I. has grown from only four teams in 1950 to over 90 teams and 1100 players at the present time.

Who governs B.B.I.?

The organization is governed by a Board of Directors. In accordance with the constitution and by-laws of B.B.I. a Board of Directors is elected each year by the current B.B.I managers.

The teams

How does a team get started?

A B.B.I. team is usually started by an interested individual who obtains financial assistance from a sponsor to help cover the costs, entrance fees, equipment, and uniforms. (Guidelines for starting a team can be obtained by clicking here)

Who is eligible to manage or coach?

Any man of good moral character who is interested in participating is eligible to submit an application to the B.B.I. office.

Who provides the equipment?

Each player is only required to furnish his glove and shoes. The uniform, bbcor certified youth bats and all other equipment is supplied by the team.

Who is eligible to play?

Any boy 18 years of age or under is eligible to participate in the B.B.I. program. The playing age is determined by the boys age on July 31st of the playing year.

Which the bats are accepted?

For baseball program we accept the types of bats like BBCOR baseball bat, wooden, aluminum bats…. and for softball program we accept asa softball certified bats, nsa bats… We also would like recommended to you the site: www.hittersbats.com to learning before buying any types of bats for your programs that you join.

How is a player selected?

The selection of each player is the option of the individual team manager. Some teams are composed of neighborhood boys. However, there are also teams that have boys from different areas of the metroplex.

Are teams divided by age groups?

The B.B.I. program is divided into 7 age groups, starting with boys 6 years and under in the youngest division, and boys 18 years and under in the oldest division.

The games

When does the season start and end?

The season officially opens in early April. Practice sessions are a the discretion of the individual coach an may start as early as January. The schedule games are completed in mid-July. This allows time for the City play-off games before the league champions go on to the American Amateur Baseball Congress State and Regional tournaments.

How many games in a season?

The youngest division plays one game per week for a total of 10 games. The middle divisions play 2 games per week for a total of 17 to 27 games. The two oldest divisions play 3 to 4 games per week for a total of 27 to 35 games. The exact number of games will vary with the number of teams in each division.

Where are the games played?

B.B.I. is currently breaking ground on its new baseball facilities. In the past B.B.I. has used the diamonds at the Buckner Children’s Home and at the Dallas Christian School in Mesquite. B.B.I. is also able to schedule games in other areas of the metroplex to allow teams to play some of their games in particular area.

When are the games played?

The majority of games are played in the evenings, Monday through Saturday. The youngest divisions also play Saturday mornings and the two oldest divisions play on Sunday afternoons.

The costs

What is the cost of this program?

Your time as a player, manager, coach, parent, or friend. In addition, each B.B.I. team isrequired to pay an entrance fee, which varies with age group and the number of games played.

What are the fees used for?

The team entrance fee covers the playing expenses that include umpire fees, scorekeeper fees, and diamond costs. The players fees are used to cover trophies, insurance, publications, debt retirement, and all other administrative expenses.

How do the teams pay the fees?

Each year B.B.I. sponsors a fund raising campaign to help each team cover its own expenses. Additional funds are obtained from sponsors and contributions.

What are the publications?

The B.B.I. newspaper, “Diamond Dust,” is published on the Internet semimonthly during the season. At the end of each season B.B.I. publishes “Balls and Strikes,” which includes pictures of the teams along with all of the player’s statistics for the year.

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